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Services-On Site

We will travel to your location to provide AOG Avionics service. In the event that you experience equipment failure we will travel to you. Troubleshoot your issue and advise of your options to correct the discrepancy and get your aircraft back in the air as soon as possi



Florida Mobile Avionics takes great pride in being able to perform complex modifications at any location. From full disassembly and old wire removal to wire harness and  instrument panel fabrication. We can and have done it and made it look easy.

4422 Florida Mobile Avionics, LLC Piper PA42-1000 N144PL MASTER-Model 5.jpg

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We used CAD to design the new panels and from start to finished panel there's a few steps. 1. Scan the old panel and cut a clear acrylic that is used for fitting and verifying mounting screw holes. 2. the acrylic is then scanned another acrylic is cut and then tested for fit and mounting alignment. the 3rd time is the final metal panel with all of the instrument mounting holes etc. powder coated and then its off to the plane for installation. we can also provide the panel to customers in need of just a panel. 

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